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Hello and Thank you for stopping by my blog. My name is Natassja, and I'm currently a fashion design student at IADT in Sacramento. I decided to start a blog so that I can share with you my own personal journey through the world of the fashion industry. But then I was thinking WAIT! there is another part of me that helped shape who I am today, and that's been the desire to want to help, bring unity with all people, and encouragement. So in my quest to finding a spot in the fashion industry, I also want to bring peace and love to everyone that visits. May you find something that feeds your fashion craving, and also something that feeds your mental hunger.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

That Little Voice

I'll listen, I'll follow
You give me the keys to tomorrow
Some times I stumble and fall tho
Sometimes I ignore you completely tho
Cuz the picture in front of me is painted so beautifully
The colors always screaming out to me
I get hypnotized by the lies
There you go knockin "open your eyes"... "its just another disguise"..
But i close the door so fast..continue to play in these shenanigan's
Playing Rush and roulette with my heart again
The painting starts to turn dark again
There you go screaming in my ear again!!
I need to pay attention to what I'm feeling within
But I continue to go on..
Showing the painting to the world I know
The painting ain't as beautiful as it once was before
In fact..this painting ain't even all that
The colors have faded to black.. Man this is wack!!
WAIT.. This is what you was tryna tell me?
This is what you said would be happenin? You tried to warn me??
Oh that was you that was knockin??
Oh you was tryna give me a choice??
I bet next time I'll be listening to that little voice..

A Bleeding Soul

I felt you threw my pulse
I ran the lines of my love over and much
i cremated the past hurt
So you can be recarnated and just
I matched the pattern of my heartbeat with yours
Wanted to mimic everything that you was
But by the course..
Some how we allowed outside people to tear us apart
What I said didn't matter to you much
What my heart said didn't reach out and touch
We have some kind of short curcuit
I tried to reach to your soul but it never made it..
Im pacing..minds racing..
Im about to lose my best friend..My lover...
My man..
I feel like I can't breathe again
You were my oxygen
The one I seek from within
You took your life support
The love I had is soon to be abort
Im Forced
to lie here dying..
My soul is bleeding
But before I leave..
I breathe
These last words....
I love You