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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun for ONe: A guide to having fun with the most beautiful person in the world: YOU

With a million and one things going on in our life's, working or trying to find work, school, projects, networking, facebook, youtube, friends, and family it can be hard to even imagine having any time for yourself.

With the pressure of feeling like you have to be at every event, party, night out with the girls, hanging with your boo, and answering everyone's twit, email, update etc. We often feel bad that we want to just be with ourselves.


Because everyone of us deserves and need some me time. How could we grow, learn about ourselves, and tap into our deeper conscious with out taking ourselves on a little date every now and then. Now we take our boyfriend/girlfriend on dates to learn about them in different settings, we take our friends to new places to discover new treasures. So wouldn't it be just as cool to take yourself somewhere new and exciting, to try a new dish, to help at a shelter?

Well in a quest of learning more about myself I want to share with you some ideas that you can enjoy all by your beautiful self. Once a week I will give you a new gem to discover, and if you lovely ladies have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, are what to share some of your fun with one please do

                    Some of my fun for one ideas are coming from this book:

                Oh, Solo Mia! The Hip Chick's Guide to Fun for One

First Sole Mission
Cooking Class for One
"My favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations".
Julia Child

If you live in midtown or downtown in any city the joys of take out are right at your fingertips. If your like me you probably have every menu stuck on your refrigerator and most of them on speed dial. In a world where everything is fast, fast food is no exception.

But every lady deserves to have at least one dish that she would blow even her grandmother out of the water.

So why not pick up a few lessons and take a cooking class ( and no I'm not talking about from the food network).

For my locals:

They offer a wide variety of different types of cooking courses & a lot of them are very cost friendly

A great place that supports natural healthy living. They support organic family farms and small producers of high quality food.

Whole Foods Market
The culinary center offers a variety of cooking classes at affordable prices. Most classes are about $25-45 and they are well worth every Penny. They have different types of classes and informational sessions throughout the month.

For other ideas:
  • Check out bulletin boards at local bakeries, health food stores, and grocery stores for free or inexpensive classes
  • Ask your culinary-savvy friends and family for some good recipes. Or spend a day in their kitchen watching the masters at work.
  • Taste of America have great information on a variety of culinary subjects Taste of American
  • Use Culinary Net to search for a cooking class near you Culinary Net

Ok Ladies what dish would you like to be a champ at making?

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