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Monday, March 21, 2011

Icon FlashBack: Dorothy Dandridge

I remember growing up and being totally taken back by the beautiful Ms. Dorothy Dandridge. My grandparents are the ones that introduced me to her when I was in first grade. I remember seeing her face in the Essence magazine, and I remember keeping that page to hold onto so I could always look back and vision her still being alive.

WOW!! She was Gorgeous

Dorothy Dandridge was taken way before her time, her and Marlyn Monroe are two of my favorite women from the past. Its crazy because both of their life's kinda pattern themselves. Two amazingly beautiful women with so much inner tumor, and both left us way to early.

She is most famous for her role in Carmen Jones, in which she became the first African American women to ever be nominated for an Academy Award for best actress. Unfortunately she didn't win due to heavy racial issues back in those times (the movie was made in 1954). But to many people she had won, and because of her memorable role as Carmen Jones she will never be forgotten.

Carmen Jones
A simple but yet classic outfit that you can wear for day or evening.
Carmen Jones
The Movie

  Introducing Dorothy Dandridge: Her life performed by Halle Berry


  1. I have always loved Dorothy Dandridge. She is beautiful and has timeless style. I love the pieces you put together. I would definitely wear them!


  2. Wow she is gorgeous. I love the floral print skirt.
    My Heart Blogged

  3. Beautiful! Great outfit 'how to' too!


  4. I am a huge admirer of Dorothy Dandridge, so happy to see others appreciate her style too


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