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Monday, February 7, 2011


For this Spring bright is right!!!
We seen tons of designers using bright color tones in their spring/summer 2011 collections. Bright color tones are not just a wonderful breathe of fresh air for your closet, but it is excellent at lifting your spirits up. We all can use a little boost in this economy crisis, so don't be shy, throw a color on that really pops and enjoy the energy you get while strutting your stuff!!!

P.S. Throwing in some black into your wardrobe will help calm down the ultra bright colors or buy bright color accessories for a hint of pop.

Bright Colors on the Runway

Nina Ricci

wimbledon dress, $40
Walmart.com: Apparel: Juniors: All Tops, $9
Highlighter S/S T-Shirt, $60
Lace t shirt, 99 GBP
Electric Blue V-Breasted Long Sleeved Jacket by Lili, 179 AUD
Criminal Damage Zebra Skinny Jeans Blue | Gothic Clothing | Emo..., 23 GBP
Marni Polka-dot leather ballerina flats, $500
Qupid System-04 Velvet Stiletto Pump, $20
New Products Indie, retro, rock, emo clothing, plus mens and womens..., 6.99 GBP
Lapin Earrings, 125 GBP
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color Brisk Blue Ulta.com -..., $4.95
THE COSMETIC MARKET :: Makeup :: Nails :: OPI That's Berry Daring, $8.50
China Glaze Nail Polish / Varnish Aqua Baby High Shine Gloss Finish:..., 7.99 GBP
Blue Tomato Shop | Volcom Circus Freak Wallet wms Wallet | Volcom |..., 200 EUR


  1. I see 2011's color of the year all over those pics. love it.

  2. Thank you Pam for the lovely comment. I'm so happy that live colors are in... Its time to get people back in a positive spirit, and these colors will do just that.

  3. Thank you MalanB:) I have to agree with you. live heels looks so pretty, especially when your wearing darker color clothes & you add just a little pop, brings the whole outfit out!!!

  4. I love bright shades it goes really well with my skintone and is a really uplifting look. Great choices :)

  5. Thank you ladies. I really appreciate all the comments:-)


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