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Friday, February 4, 2011

FyoozD Friday **Spotlight on Nigeria**

 Every Friday I will cover a culture's Fashion, Music, and Art. I like to think of it as a free trip to my readers that are interested in knowing what's going on outside of our usual surroundings. Besides it couldn't be called FyoozD Culture if I didn't pay my respects to the many wonderful cultures that help shape this beautiful world. I hope you enjoy my Fyoozd Friday's, and if you have a place that you want me to cover email me at fashionfyoozdculture@hotmail.com. I promise to make it my job to do it for you.

First Stop Nigeria

  • The capitol of Nigeria is Abuja
  • English is the language that is used the most but Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Fulani, and Kanuri are others that you might hear.
  • The most populous country in Africa, Nigeria accounts for over half of West Africa's population.
  • The variety of customs, languages, and traditions among Nigeria's 250 ethnic groups gives the country a rich diversity. 
  • Nigeria has three main environmental regions: savanna, tropical forests, and coastal wetlands.
  • Newborns in Nigerian societies are regarded with pride. They represent a community's and a family's future and often are the main reason for many marriages.
  • Nigeria is famous for its sculpture. The bronzework of the ancient cities of Ife and Benin can be found in museums all over the world. These areas in southern Nigeria still produce large amounts of bronze castings. Woodcarvings and terra-cotta sculptures also are popular.
  • Dance and music are the two most vibrant forms of Nigerian art. Nigerian music is dependent on strong rhythms supplied by countless drums and percussion instruments.

Jay Martins from Nigeria and Fally Ipupa from the Democratic Republic of Congo
This song has the very lovely sounds of Caribbean and some pop influences.

Art from Nigerian Artist Chidi Okoye


What's even more exciting is that AFI (African Fashion International) will be having their African Fashion Week in 2 weeks!!!! 

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  1. Love it! Bright colours are the way forward IMHO!
    I first heard about AFW when researching fashion shows. It makes me smile every single time. I just adore the bold colours!


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