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Hello and Thank you for stopping by my blog. My name is Natassja, and I'm currently a fashion design student at IADT in Sacramento. I decided to start a blog so that I can share with you my own personal journey through the world of the fashion industry. But then I was thinking WAIT! there is another part of me that helped shape who I am today, and that's been the desire to want to help, bring unity with all people, and encouragement. So in my quest to finding a spot in the fashion industry, I also want to bring peace and love to everyone that visits. May you find something that feeds your fashion craving, and also something that feeds your mental hunger.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Life as a Fashion Student

I promised that I would make this blog personal as well as informative and fun. Before anything I am a fashion design student. Blogging allows me to share with you my thoughts, grow my knowledge, and make some real good friends along the way. Let me take you along my journey, and as time grows, so will our relationship as well.

Proud Student of IADT-SAC

Currently taking textiles & Evolution of Fashion

I eat, breath, dream of fashion!!!!

This book is truly helpful, and the study guide that's included really helps to put things in perspective. I suggest that everyone takes a look at it.



  1. You have really good working I like it, I have also some information of Fashion

  2. Thank you for the comment. What kind of information do you have about fashion? I would love to talk some more. Are you a fashion student as well?


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